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Palmistry known as the study of hands, palmistry has been accepted as a scientific activity all over the world. Any particular texture, shape and making and the lines of your hand indicate your health, longevity, major characteristics and major changes in your life. Other minor lines are also studied thoroughly for proper understanding of a person's fate and character.

Palmistry - Study of Hands

Hands are wonderful indications of your innerself. They show by their texture, shape and markings, every detail of yourself. No two hands are exactly similar.

The three major lines commonly seen are Life line, Head line and Heart line. They indicate the person's health, longevity, major characteristics, major changes in life etc. Other many minor lines are also to be studied well for proper understanding of a person's fate and character.

The Mounts are fleshy pads situated at the base of each finger and at the fleshy edge of the palm, on the side of the little finger.

There are 8 mounts in all. Some mounts will be more developed than the others in a hand.

There will also be marks like dot, circle, star, triangle, cross, square, Grille etc. which should be studied carefully.

Astrology and Palmistry to arrive at greater accuracy in giving predictions and advice. Please remember that the accuracy of predictions and remedial measures will be completely dependent on the correctness of data provided by you.

Gems & Stone
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Palmistry known as the study of hands.
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