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Gems & Stones
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Gems & Stone
-Gems & Stone
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Gems: Gems means superior. This is the symbol of superior due to the impassion the Gems mean some special appearance effect, stability, beautiful and some special size and shape contained in the stone. Since early times Gems is available in each parts of the world and maintain attention of human beings. These can be used not only for making jewelry but solved the problem of daily life. Gems contains divine powers. The rays comes from the planet and filter by the gems obtain vibration to human body. It is well equipped to destroy the diseases. In ayurvedha used in the shape of Bhasma.

In the oldest granth choly the ratan are mention many times. Like this other regional and historical granth are also gives some useful knowledge of gems which tells the good and bad effect clearly. In gems some one are very costly and some are cheaper. Gems are obtained by three methods.

Gems are beautiful stones with a large variety of colours and high density. Their lustre has been a source of attraction for the people since time immemorial. These precious stones are found almost in all parts of the world. Gem stones are not only beautiful and attractive to look at, tey are also useful for health, longevity, fame and prosperity. ancient kings and princes stored gem-stones to add to the wealth of their treasury. Noble ladies were fond of Gems to adorn their bodies. They got gem stones set in their jewellery and wore them with a great pride. Possessers and weares of gem stones noticed strange effects of them with the passage of time. Some issueless ladies might have been blesed with a lovely son after wearing a particular gem-stone. Some patient might have got rid of some nasty disease when he wore or possessed a certain gem-stone. Such observations resulted in the faith in auspicious and inauspicious effects of wearing gem stones
Gems effects human life and their activities. This thing also proves in today's scientifical world. In today's world all types of gems and semi-gems are available. But in all those one or two are good for us. If we wear wrong gem then they can create problems for us. But if we wear appropriate gem at right time and according to right way then gem will definitely helps us in daily activities and removes difficulties. Before wearing any gem, you should remember below given points:-

       Your lucky gem according to your horoscope.
       Gem's weight & Metal.
       How can you wear gem?
       At what time you can wear gem?
       If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies

Your Lucky Gems
From the period of beginning time Anadikal the jewelry is widely liked by the man. These jewelry are made form alloys. By this way these gems are woven into the alloys for making them attractive. Jewelry are commonly used by the women. They uses the jewelry of pearls, diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby etc. these jewelry are not just only for the symbol of beauty but the same of man in our social standard. If they are weared by the correct method by means of "Shastra Vidhya" then it gives the physical beauty as well as increase in geological benefit like destroy the disease, solve the problem, mental peaceful and according to their planet increase the happiness in life. One gems satisfy many aim because each gems represents some of its planets and each planet is represents work in daily life.

Gems & Jewels
Palmistry known as the study of hands.
Astrology is the study of the relationship between the stars and planets and our lives.
It is the study of numbers, their combination and their interaction in one's life.
A map of the celestial state rising over the eastern horizon at a given place and moment is Horoscope.